Pregnancy accompaniment

Pregnancy and delivery are events of great importance in the life of a child and their parents. The facilitator accompanies pregnant mothers- and fathers-to-be in their psycho-energetic preparation for parenthood and the psycho-spiritual welcoming of an incarnating soul. Depending on the situation and the present moment needs, the following treatments may take place during the accompaniment:

  • preparation of the individual parent
  • preparation of the couple
  • psycho-energetic soothing of the womb
  • contacting and welcoming the incarnating soul
  • prenatal integration of the soul into the family

Pregnant men and woman can come for an individual accompaniment and/or together as a couple.


We experienced an aquatic healing session with Jan Janssen as part of the preparation for the welcoming of our expected child. While having a special attention for the mother, Jan gradually and very harmoniously included the father in the work and allowed us each to unlock intimate tensions while using the strength of the couple and then finish with a subtle dialogue with the child. It was sweet, powerful and intimate.

– Ilona and Jean-Charles

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