The Aquatic Healing approach is the name that Jan gives to the water work modality that  has emerged naturally over the years by infusing his extensive healing experience from different traditions and modalities into Watsu and Wata sessions. The strongest influential components of the Aquatic Healing approach are:

  • Brennan Healing Science®.  (Hands of Light, Light Emerging – Jan has been a teacher for 9 years in Barbara Brennan’s school in the US and Austria)
  • Pathwork  (psychospiritual transformational journey)
  • Vajrayana Buddhism (direct initiation from Tibetan masters)
  • Family constellations and systemic constellations
  • Ashtanga yoga
  • Christian spirituality
  • IAT    (Integrative Aquatic Therapy)
  • Wata    (Water Tanzen / Water Dance)
  • Watsu   (Water Shiatsu)

This work may appeal to maybe specify to whom this workshop could appeal to …

  • therapists in other approaches
  • people wishing for a more bodily exploration of themselves
  • people wishing for more connection to the body
  • people wishing for access to more energetic layers of themselves via water work
  • people feeling particularly called by working in water
  • water therapists in other approaches
  • people on a journey of self-development
  • people on a spiritual journey or quest
  • people who want to heal or learn to heal
  • people who want to experience how much pleasure and bliss a human body can contain


Several days of deepening and expanding your personal journey into wholeness in a wonderful location: reconnection with oneself/true self , grounding, sense of purpose, alignement with divine …  The workshop is mostly experiential. You receive attention for your unique healing journey and time to practice the aquatic healing approach. It is by walking (swimming) your own path and accompanying others on their journey that you learn most quickly. Actual experiences are illustrated with theoretical and philosophical concepts, but not the other way around.  This way we preserve the authenticity of the learning process. As you enter and flow through this process, your own healing capacity and skill will emerge/increase naturally.

The workshop welcomes beginners as much as aquatic healing initiates. Each participant will be accompanied and trained according to her/his level of experience. Those who are absolute beginners in bodywork in the water, are encouraged to sign up for the “water work initiation” on Thursday morning. Early arrivers that already have experience in Watsu, Wata or other bodywork in the water have free time this morning to rest or enjoy the place and its beautiful surrounding. Early arriving aquatic healing initiates can also take this time free, or they can opt to assist Jan in the tutoring the absolute beginners this morning. Assisting Jan in tutoring beginners is also considered as a training segment for yourself in Aquatic Healing accompaniment.


The workshop is mainly intended as an English and French spoken workshop.

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