Training to become an Aquatic Healing practitioner

The Aquatic Healing practitioner training is a postgraduate program that is open only to those who are already certified as a “Subtle Energies Practitioner” (ES) and who wish to be certified in Aquatic Healing.

This program involves fulfilling the following commitments:

  • consistently follow the equivalent of 20 training days per year
  • Submit 18 reports on Aquatic Healing
  • make 18 feedback on 18 reports from a colleague of the training
  • participate in 3 Aquatic Healing courses,
  • follow 9 days ‘Aquatic Healing Supervision’ in addition.
  • follow 14 sessions of “listening ear”
  • commit to devote time to meditation and proposed readings
  • continue his commitment on the path of transformation

As for the 20 days of training, they can take different forms. Thus, the equivalent of 1 training day corresponds with any of the following:

The candidate must follow his program for a minimum of one year; he or she can also chose to spread it over a longer period.

Exceptionally a student in ES training course, can combine this program in addition to his ES training from the third year on, after deliberation with Jan.

Retreats in Aquatic Healing followed outside the commitment of the certification will be taken into consideration, only after deliberation with Jan.

This additional program may be, with the agreement of Jan, combined with the accreditation program.