Integrative Aquatic Therapy (IAT)

IAT is a blend of body mind therapies that heal trauma and shock from the earliest stages of life. This might involve bonding and attachment issues with the mother, physical and emotional traumas from a difficult birth, the effects of pre & perinatal toxins, being “discovered” in the womb, the influence of generational patterns, and many other injuries of a physical, psychological, and spiritual nature.

If pre and perinatal injuries are not treated, it can complicate the healing from future injuries, such as a car accident, and it can lead to difficulty in future relationships, such as trouble bonding or setting healthy boundaries. Since most traumatic injuries impact the body and mind on a level that is pre-verbal, IAT draws heavily on these somatic based skills.

The heart of the therapy, however, is a cutting edge psychological understanding of shock, trauma, self-development, and healthy relationship boundaries. IAT is an empowerment based model that strengthens the sense of self.

IAT draws on the psychological traditions of Self-Psychology, Gestalt Psychology, Family Systems Theory, Pre & Perinatal Psychology, and body-mind approaches to the healing of shock and trauma. In IAT sessions, verbal dialogue is interwoven with somatic healing. This multi-disciplinary approach covers a good part of the Integral Presence spectrum which is the foundation of Aquatic Healing. This is why the IAT work blends in smoothly into the Aquatic Healing work.

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