Integral Coaching in the Water

It may startle of the mind a bit to consider water-work as a remarkably successful modality for life-changing transformation. An integral coaching session starts in the water with a crisp analysis of the presenting theme. We take the analysis as far as the intellect can pierce the topic. Then, Along with Einsteins iconic advice “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them“, we use consciousness expanding modalities to take the theme further. An out of the ordinary environment promotes out of the box thinking.

  • the expansion of consciousness evokes the activation of a higher inner intelligencewith the consequent epiphanies
  • moving the body with a 3-D freedom unravels rigidified patterns and creates new neural pathways
  • the energy work includes the subconscious dimensions that have an tremendous impact on our conscious reality and are vastly ignored by conventional approaches
  • body work promotes literally embodied change that reaches much further and deeper then mental solutions


I had the pleasure and good karma to receive Jan’s healing the other day: I had been grappling for a year with a deeply unsettling question on what to do about a work-related challenge, and I was looking for clarity.

I was just off a plane, and my energy was hectic.  I got in the water, and Jan gently started working on me, safely holding me: almost instantly, I felt deep gratitude, deep conviction that I was at the right place, at the right time.  I almost choked up from a deep sense of relief, as I felt loved and accepted ‘for who I am’.

As we started working together, I started focusing my mind on the issue at hand, and after what seemed like quite a while, I suddenly realized that I had been looking at the problem a certain way all this time (‘I am in trouble / how do I get out of this situation? / What do I need to do to please and reconnect with my management?’), but that the really, perhaps the only important question was: ‘what do I really need, what do I really want?’.  That was a major psychological shift, and after that realization, I let myself drift into Jan’s loving care and I fell asleep.

Over the next few days, the ‘what I need and want’ slowly emerged.  That whole process, and listening to my core need which I had somewhat neglected, enabled me to reconnect with work in a different, less neurotic, more peaceful, more constructive way.  Somehow, my relationship with my management shifted, and they are now a lot more receptive to hearing about ‘what I need’.

I look forward to my next healing with Jan!

– Anonymous, 44, Partner at a large US-based global investment firm

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