Dolphin Exploration

This type of sessions stand out in two ways from the other ones:

  1. the dolphin energy and
  2. the dialogue exchange.

In these session we hold the specific intent to evoke the particular archetypal energies that dolphins master so playfully. People who experience a dolphin exploration describe the energy as creative flow … the flow of friendliness, the flow of abundance, the flow of joy, the flow of movement … the flow that opens the heart and intuition as never before.

In Watsu/Wata and healing sessions the client is held by the facilitator and passively receives the water work. In IAT or coaching sessions, the client is not always held by the facilitator. Sometimes there are moments of self generated movements and self-expressions, yet the focus is always in the client’s individual process.

In a dolphin exploration the client operates as an autonomous dialogue partner in relation to the facilitator. The session unfolds in the free flowing exchange between the client and the facilitator. The dialogue can consist of touch, movement, words, sounds, play, holding and releasing, proximity and distance, expansion and contraction, mobility and immobility, breath and apnea, fusion and disconnection, extraversion and introversion, expressiveness and stillness, initiative and receptiveness, giving and receiving, … always respecting one’s own integrity and the integrity of the other.

It is a fascinating journey of Self discovery, Self liberation and Self containment. In the spontaneity of the free flowing process one discovers the depths and treasures of one’s own inner being and their relation to the other and the environment. Obligation is banished and surprise is the standard. Needless to say this treatment enhances one’s capacity to live in the present moment and to embrace the fullness of life as it comes.

Nose clips are applied if the client desires to include under water exploration.

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