A true story

Yesterday morning I overheard this conversation between my ego and the higher self. Translated in conventional language it sounded like this.

I was in a deep, well known meditative absorption. My ego was deeply merged in the blissful infinity of the pure consciousness of the higher self. After a timeless hour, my ego watched the clock and said: “Oh, higher self, it is really wonderful to hang out here with you, but unfortunately I have to get back to my space-time functioning mode because I have to leave for an appointment in 15 min.” As an expression of tender, affectionate sympathy my HS replied: “Oh gosh, I can’t imagine how you survive within the confinement of all those space-time restrictions.” My ego replied with a big smile and a twinkle in his eyes: “Trust me, I won’t.”

And then they both laughed full heartedly. ?