• 12h: arrival and settling
  • 13h: light lunch
  • 15h: pool work
  • 18h30: diner
  • 20h-21h: group work

Friday and Saturday:

  • 07h: silent meditation
  • 08h: breakfast
  • 09h-12h: group work
  • 12h: lunch
  • 14h30: pool work
  • 18h30: diner
  • evening: personal time: relax, rest, integrate, walk, journaling, …


  • 07h: silent meditation
  • 08h: breakfast
  • 09h-12h: pool work
  • 12h: lunch
  • 14h00: group work
  • 17h00: closure and departure



  • arrival from 18h or later
  • getting installed
  • free time


  • 08h: breakfast
  • 09h-13h: free time or « water work initiation » (3 options – see “date”)
  • 13h: start of program (see standard arrival)

Useful to bring:

  • swim short, bathing suit or bikini (according to your own preference)
  • bath robe
  • floaters, if you have your own (not required if you don’t have any)
  • nose clip, if you have your own (not required if you don’t have any)



Seminarhaus ‘Das Werkhof‘ 5, rue de Calembourg F- 57920 Monneren – Ste. Marguerite Frankreich


  • Early arrival: Wednesday June 15th 2022 in the evening (3 options)
    1. free time
    2. water initiation
    3. tutoring initiation
  • Regular arrival: Thursday June 16th 2022 around noon
  • Departure: Sunday June 19th 2022 around 17h30


  • standard arrival: 835,-€
  • early arrival – free time: 905,-€
  • early arrival with « water work initiation »: 975,-€ (for absolute beginners)
  • early arrival with assisting Jan in « water work initiation »: 975,- € (for aquatic healing initiates)
  • price includes : training, lodging in shared rooms (2-3p), workshop space, meals, pool
  • maximum 14 participants
  • your registration is valid after the payment of a 250€ non-reimbursable sign-up fee
  • the rest of the amount is payable in person at the workshop
  • you can bring your own sheets for the bed or rent them on the spot for 5€
  • prices are considered for shared rooms, a single room is a 5€ supplement per night yet there may not be enough rooms to have this option available

Payable to:

  • Integral Presence
  • IBAN: BE06 7440 5635 9922

Cancellation policy:

  • sign-up fee is non-refundable
  • cancellation after April 15th 2022, 75% of the price is due
  • cancellation after June 1st 2022, the whole amount of the price is due


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