Au bord de l’Eau Uccle

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This space is urban and zen.

Please arrive a few minutes before the appointment time, it will allow you to change and arrive in the water without wasting time on the session.

Please bring your bikini or bathing suit, bath towel and – if needed – shampoo, skin care and snack.

Public Transport : De Bue (51), Héros (4, 92, 38, 41, 98), Globe (4, 92, 97, 43)
Car : Parking payant de 9 à 18h00 (2 € / 1 heure, 5 € / 2 heures)

Access: there are 2 door codes giving access to the place … if you haven’t received them shortly after you have made your appointment, please contact Jan by mail to ask for the access codes.

The terrein in front of the pool is under construction. So the owner have provided temporary an alternative accès. Click here for the instructions.


  • Size of the pool (L) 5m x (W) 5.20m x (D) 1.20m
  • Water temperature 35°C
  • Address Chaussée d’Alsemberg 620 1180 Bruxelles
  • Website