Appointments are booked exclusively by e-mail or with this form.

Please bring your bathing suit, bath towel (shampoo, skin care, snack if needed).

Day & time

Thursday or Friday between 13h and 19h.
Exceptionally: Monday or Wednesday between 13h and 19h.

For new customers a deposit of 50 € to ensure the booking of the session is to be paid to the account of “Integral Presence”: IBAN BE06 7440 5635 9922 within 3 days after the confirmation of your appointment.

In case of impediment, please notify me as soon as possible. We can change the appointment, ideally no later than a week before the meeting, and ultimately until 48 hours before the meeting. In case of absence or negligence, the session fee will be due in its entirety. Thank you for your understanding.